Refunds Details

Once you click on any of the items listed, you will be taken to a more details page on the refund history, refunds type, and customers comments.

Refunds Details

The refund types listed could be any of the following:

  1. Defective or not as Described
  2. Found a better price
  3. Customer order by mistake
  4. Carrier of FC issue

The worst part of the refund is when a customer returns the item and marks it as defective or not as described, as amazon mostly looks at this and ignores the rest.

The system calculates if the product is at a critical stage if it has more Defective complaints.

Scrolling down to read what customers wrote when they returned the item to understand if there is a common pattern causing the return that you might want to address and fix.

Once you read the message, mark it as read so that the system does not keep notifying you of unread messages.