FBA Management System

Made by Sellers for Sellers
Built to Grow

Sophisticated Amazon Management System, It's equipped with many features that the Amazon dashboard lacks to provide.


Its alert and notification system will keep you alert of what is happening so that you can do what is most suitable.


It, also, suggests you what to do, Leaving your precious time to do what matters most for sustainable growing Amazon Business.

Smart Modules

azszero Understands Amazon FBA Business, It will save you a tremendous amount of time guessing and managing your Amazon stores by showing you what you need to see, Alerting you of What you need to know at that moment, and Telling you What to do next. It’s like hiring a professional Amazon seller that watches your store and gives you guidelines, and he does it 24/7!

Concentrate on What Matters Most

Grow your Amazon FBA Business at a pace you never thought was possible, Think of azszero as a Full Team of Experts working just for you, leaving you to build more ASINs and source more Nitches without losing precious time in any management.

Managing Amazon FBA Business Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Get things done as smooth and quick as possible, you do not have to do the same thing every day. Let azszero help you to plan everything.

Do I Need azszero?

If you ever encountered any of the following, the answer is YES.
Had ASINs went out of stock
Not able to follow up on ASINs that have no sales today
Was not aware of delayed shipments
Had ASINs that suddenly suppressed from search results
Sent too many or too little stock
Had your IPI fallen and was not able to send new shipments
Had no idea why the return rate is too high
Found that your pricing is too high or too low
Wish you could see every ASIN's sales in a simple way
You implement sales strategy, but do not know if the effect was any good
You do not plan on what to do in the next few days
Wanted to resolve any bad feedback ASAP
Wanted to know if any of your ASINs are at risk of suspension
Your FBA shipments was received, but has a problem with that you did not know about until later
Looking for an easy and effective way to write your product page