Keywords Hint and Generator

Keywords Hint are the reserved keywords, they are not all suitable to be used with your product, but they definitely are related and some of them should be used.

We recommend that you start with the step before you write anything in the page.

You can use the hint keywords in any part of the page, we recommend first to use them in the Keywords (Search Terms) part of the page, then the remaining to be used in the bullet points and description.

The tool has 3 ways of collecting keywords:

Live Search with Amazon and Google

Live Search

When you start typing in the search box, new suggestions will be shown either from Amazon or Google, Once you feel that the word you typed is related to your product, click on search.

If the toggle was set to Amazon, it will search Amazon database and start showing the found keywords, if the found keyword was used anywhere in the page, it will not be displayed.

The search

Amazon Search

As we mentioned before, not all the keywords are 100% related to the product, so once the search is complete (check the progress bar in the Keywords Hint tab), you can start deleting the ones that you are sure that are useless.

The found keywords can be used in any tab, by just clicking on the keyword, it will be added to the editor and removed from the keywords hint, the same, if you delete that word from the editor, it will be added back to keywords hint.

Searching with Google

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Google database has more keywords, although are less related than Amazon search, but you might get words that amazon did not find. the found keywords are in the google tab, and similarly, you can delete what you don't like, and use the rest in any page.

Manual Keywords

Manual Keywords

You can add your own keywords that you feel are most related to the product by just typing them in the editor. We recommend using free services like Sonar or KTD to help you generate keywords, link to these sites are found next to the search button.

once you wrote or pasted the keywords, they will be found under custom keywords, and they have similar functionality with Google and Amazon keywords.


you can also harvest more keywords, After writing the product name, click next to the search button the Google Trends icon, it will pull more data from google suggesting other keywords or countries that the product is trending into.