Inventory Problems

Sometimes your inventory encounters problems including but not limited to:

  • Late Shipments
  • Lost Shipments
  • Partially delivered shipments
  • Lost shipments at Amazon warehouse
  • Late receiving of your inventory at Amazon warehouse due to various reasons.

In such a case, you need to be aware to keep your inventory in stock, and not lose sales due to these unpredictable situations.

Inventory Managment late inbounds

In the Requires your Attention tab, you will find two sub-tabs:

Late Inbounds

It indicates that items listed have not arrived at Amazon warehouse at the supposed arrival date, thus marked as late.

In such a case, please go to the FBA Inbounds page to check what is going on by clicking on the tracking numbers on shipments that contain these items to get more insights into a rescheduled delivery date or even an unknown delivery date. From there you can decide what to do next if it'll be necessary to make a new shipment or wait.

Stuck Inbounds

When Amazon starts receiving your inventory, it does not mean they will receive all the contents of your shipment at once. at some point you might notice any of the following:

  • Your shipment has been delivered to Amazon warehouse but nothing happens and nothing seems to be received.
  • Amazon started receiving your shipment but they recieved only a part of it or a few pieces of an item, and nothing from a different item and it continued to be like this for days.
  • Your delivered items were damaged.

When you are in this situation, it will be very frustrating, one thing is because you can't reconcile for weeks, sometimes over a month!

So, first, check if the shipment was fully delivered or not, and once you know more about the situation, you can decide how many days you can wait for it to be resolved before making any decisions to start a new shipment.

Because of the complexity of such a situation, The decision taken is manual by you, and the system can't guide you into if to wait or start a new shipment, It'll just tell you that these items might have a low inventory or might go out of stock if you do not act fast.