Amazon product page builder is a tool that helps you create the contents of your product that have the following advantages:

  • Compliant title with Amazon guidelines, that includes customized title per category, the ordering of words in the title, the CAPS, and other small details that are covered in Amazon Style Guidelines.
  • Compliant Product Features, including characters count and readability score.
  • Compliant Product Description which also includes characters count.
  • Keywords characters counting and length filtering.
  • Duplicate keywords notification to avoid reusing the same keywords.
  • Keywords generating from Amazon and Google.
  • Manual Keywords input.
  • Context autocomplete in title, features, and description page, with controllable keywords length suggestion.
  • Smart Correction of mistakes.

Using the tool, not only you will be creating the product page faster, but you will have a compliant product and SEO ready with hinted context that is related to what you are writing.

The UI of the tool was designed on one page to make it as simple and as easy as possible to concentrate on what you are doing and relating different items into one view.