Customers Feedback

The feedback page shows all the feedback you received across all market places and gives you the opportunity to try to remove them or contact the customer as a final resort to be removed.

feedback pending

Fields Definition:

  • From: The market place where this feedback originated from.
  • Item: The item in question.
  • Date: The refund date, the purchase date, and how many days it was kept for.
  • Stars: Number of stars the customer gave you.
  • Feedback: The message if any the customer wrote.
  • Remove: If you failed to mark this feedback as Amazon takes responsibility, remove it to mark it as unresolvable.
  • Emailed: If you tried to email the customer, mark it as emailed to remember.


  1. Read the feedback carefully and try to remove it, The only case it can not be removed is if the feedback says the item did not work, other than that, it can be removed.
  2. When you request feedback removal at Amazon website, write a descriptive message that has 2-3 lines about why it should be removed, do not be short as the whole process is automated and Amazon AI looks for specific keywords in your message to evaluate it properly.
  3. If you fail to have it automatically removed, the last resort is to contact the customer, Offer a replacement, partial refund, or even a refund to pursue the customer into removing the feedback, the legal, and comply with Amazon TOS.