ASINs Sales Breakdown

This tab will show you today's sales for each of your ASINs.

perasinssales 02

Please take a note when was the last this page was updated as the update time (xx minutes ago) reflects when was the last time the system crunches your data into this report, the usual average time could vary between 1 minute to 30 minutes.

You can switch between Today, Yesterday, and 2 Days ago to check your ASINs sales. Since each market has a different timezone, do not mix between your timezone and the marketplace timezone because the "Today" definition is the marketplace day, and not yours. Also since different marketplaces have different timezones, the Today at one market could end earlier than another.

For example, If you sell in the Australian marketplace and the USA, there is a 10-12 hours time difference between both markets with the AU market leading the US, So if you are looking at "Today", the US market would show data, but the Australian market day might have finished and you should go to yesterday to see the sales stats.

Each ASIN shows its picture and marketplace flag, then a line showing the total sales on that day, there is also a small vertical line that shows you the orders count, so in the example above when you had a 5 sales of an ASIN and the vertical line right near the end of the line, you could have an understanding that this ASIN has a total of 4 orders with one of them having a sales of 2 items, you can also hover above the item to see the exact number of orders and sold items.

Clicking on any of the ASINs lines will open a new page showing the sales charts for that ASIN and you could choose a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly sales history.