ASINs Not Sold

Tracking your products is not an easy task, you really want to know what is going on with your new ASINs or if any of your ASINs is having a bad day, or even it's a bigger problem and you did not even know about it and your ASIN did not sell that day because of it, or it simply might be out of stock. so it's worth knowing what is going on.

sales nosales asins

The table breaks down your No Sales data into 4 timeframes, Today, 3 Days, 7 Days, and 30 Days so that each timeframe should have a different strategy to deal with.

The tables include each of the ASINs market shares in sales size so you would know how important this ASIN is.

There is a "Stable Sales Index" which is a complex measurement of how this ASIN sales data was continuous, stable, and predictable. This index helps to more understand how frequent the sales were and if this is normal behavior or not.

No Sales Days show how many days passed without having a single sale on this ASIN.

Lastly, the table shows how this ASIN performed in different timeframes.

Knowing such data helps you determine what strategy to execute to help this ASIN regain back sales, improve it, or just dismiss it and liquidate it.