ASINs Lost Ranking

New ASINs by default do not have any rank, they get their rank once they get the first order, then this rank goes up or down based on the ASIN performance relative to other ASINs in its category.

Sometimes an ASIN loses its rank, as a result, it is either removed, becomes inactive, or it's suppressed from search, usually when it has a complaint problem, a report of intellectual property, copyright infringement, and many other similar reasons.

The worst part is that sometimes Amazon does not notify you, and you will need to find this problem the hard way and that's when you notice no sales on this ASIN then start investigating.

Performance Probllems

The system automatically detects if any ASIN lost its rank, and immediately notifies you to check what violation has been reported on this ASIN to resolve it as soon as you can without wasting time on lost sales.

It will provide you a direct link to the product page too so that you can check if the item is still live or if Amazon has taken it down.