ASIN Inventory Settings

ASIN Inventory Settings lets you configure each individual ASIN to control the inventory flow whether you chose to automatically or manually configure them.

As was explained in the Global Inventory Settings, this one is very similar.

Inventory Managment individual asin settings

ASIN Settings Feilds


The source country of your inventory


Image of your ASIN


The shipping method you designated for this particular ASIN


Indicates whether you assigned this ASIN to be automatically or manually configured

Ship Inventory

Whether you want to continue shipping this ASIN or you are not going to ship it anymore

Minumum Inventory Age

The minimum physical stock you will always have at Amazon warehouse. If this ASIN was automatically configured, the system will show you the discovered minimum inventory age.

Ship Quantity

The amount in Pieces you will need to ship every time

Inventory Limit

This is the Maximum Inventory Age assigned to this ASIN.


Indicates if this ASIN is part of the NARF program and its inventory is virtual.

Configuring your ASIN

Automatic Configuration

The system will detect the best parameters for your inventory based on your sales volume, current quantity, its size, and shipping method. It will not work well if you have a stock limit on your inventory, in this case, please switch to manual configuration.

Inventory Managment individual asin settings automated

Manual Configuration

Please refer to the Global Settings to have an understanding of the inventory flow and the fields definitions.

The difference here, you will get more insights of the individual ASIN configuration.

Inventory Managment individual asin settings manual

In the picture example above, we have assigned 3 parameters:

  • Shipping Method: Amazon Partner
  • Inventory Limit Age: 140
  • Minimum Inventory Age: 10

Depending on many variations of your supply chain and fulfillment time, in this particular example, we have stock of this item available immediately to be shipped, at the same time, we want to ship a larger shipment one time.

The system will discover the following:

IPI Score

A roughly estimated what would be the IPI score for this ASIN

Physical Inventory Age

The Maximum Days my inventory will last in Amazon warehouse

Send Pieces

How many Pieces I am going to send on the next cycle

Send Age

How many days my new shipment will last in Amazon warehouse


Based on the item volume size, an estimation of how much the FBA storage fees are going to be per month, and it's calculated from January to September and October to December