Amazon Product Title

The product title is the most important element amongst the rest parts of the page, it's what the buyer at least reads and Amazon algorithm must understand to make its judgment on how do you rank.

Amazon Product Title must be written in certain way, every category could be different, Amazon also keeps updating the documentations if they made any changes, it is not easy to keep up, things change over time, the tool has the syntax of every category so you do not need to waste any time reading.

The tool has smart autocorrect of different terms to more comply with the style guide.

Title Page

Once you enter the Product Page, it will come up like this:

Amazon Page Title

The first row is the product information, Save to cloud, and Close.

Below that is Open locally, Save locally and overall page score based on many different criterias.

Below that are tabs you can navigate through, Title, Keywords, Product Features, Product Description and Keywords that you might want to use.

Title Categories

Below is the product category, you should choose the correct category of your product:

Amazon Categories

Searching the Category

You can search the category by typing in the search field:

Search the category

If your product does not belong to any category, choose Custom Category.

Every title has 2 basic fields, the brand name, and if it's bundled with other item(s), it might have different fields based on the category, and it might or might not have a descriptive title.

Title Autocompleter

The descriptive title is the one you describe the product freely, the editor will autocomplete suggestions while you write:


These suggestions are based on the most searched keywords brought to you from Amazon.

You can also toggle between Amazon and Google if you want to check more searchable keywords.

The Slider next to the AMZ/GGL toggle is to set how many words the autocompleter need to see back to start suggesting. in the above example it was set to 2 words, so after the phrase "iphone 7 " was typed, it starts to bring the suggestions based on these 2 keywords only, you can change the slider to suit and filter more keywords.

Title Final Look

After choosing the right category, the final title will display the correct title for you:

Title Final Look

Here it shows how many characters, and if it's ok, you get the green color.

Below that are the keywords suggestions created by you from the Keywords Hint tab.

The last row will show you if there are any duplicated keywords. you should not have any duplicates in the title.

Finally, copy the title, and paste it to your amazon page.