Amazon Product Features

Product Bullet Point are indexed in Amazon search, so it's recommended that you write them in phrases that buyers might search for.

AVOID wasting valuable keywords by writing phrases like:

Our Product is the best..

100% satisfaction guarantee...

IF you have any problems...

Keep things simple, Give the customers what they are here for:

‌Highlight Important Product Features.

What The customer is going to receive.

Product Features Look

Amazon Product Bullet Points


Characters Count:

The field will stay red until you reach a good number, the maximum is 500 characters, so it will keep counting in real-time and tells you when you went over the limit. Characters counting is accurate and based on amazon requirements.

Words Count:

The field will stay red until you reach a good number of words, this is not related to Amazon Indexing or any search results rather than how to write something that people would not skip reading.


It will count how many bullets you had, 5 bullets are best, more than that will not immediately show on some devices, and less than that will make the bullet stuffed and bulky.

Read Time:

The times it takes on average to read the whole features, the longer the read time is, would mean that people will not read the whole thing.


It will measure how easy you are writing and choosing your words, the higher score means that most people can read and understand it easily, and the lower score means that you are targeting a special technical field or you are writing complex sentences.

Duplicated keywords:

It will check the words that you wrote more than once, suggesting to use alternative keywords because it will be a waste, it also keeps in mind what you previously wrote in the title and keywords fields.


In the lower tabs of keyword hints, you can click on any to add it to the editor.

The autocomplete function works in the editor, set the slider to the lookback words count, and toggle between Amazon and Google.

When everything becomes dark green, and you have no repeated keywords, you have successfully written the best SEO bullet points that will be all indexed and fully utilized from the many varieties of different keywords.