Amazon Product Description

Like the bullet points, the description is indexed into Amazon search.

Many sellers ignore this part, but it's very important to enhance the product discovery.

Since the description is about 2000 characters long, it might be hard for sellers to fully write a complete product description page, and skip that or write few lines, but, like the rest of the pages, the tool hint can help a lot into finding terms of what to write, and we recommend using google in this part because of bigger varieties of ideas and keywords.

The Description Tab

Description Page


Characters Count:

The Field will stay red until you reach a good number, the maximum is 500 characters, so it will keep counting in real-time and tells you when you went over the limit. Characters counting is accurate and based on amazon requirements.


It will measure how easy you are writing and choosing your words, the higher score means that most people can read and understand it easily, and the lower score means that you are targeting a special technical field.


The editor has the autocomplete and toggler between Amazon and Google with the slider to set the lookback words.

All the hint Keywords can be used by just clicking on them, they will be automatically added to the editor.

The duplicated keywords will show you repeated words from the previous pages and inside the editor, try to make them as much low as possible.